The Appcelerator Titanium Developer and the Trends in Mobile App World

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Published: 19th September 2012
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Appcelerator Titanium is a fantastic cross-platform mobile app development technology which helps developers create apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. The advantage using the platform is to create feature-rich apps only once and run on multiple mobile platforms. The programs require common code to run on any platform and also for uploading it to the cloud.

Appcelerator Titanium app developers have been successful in replicating the success of an app on one platform to another without breaking a sweat. The apps are then used on various platforms and domains like finance, ecommerce, healthcare and the like. Even the design, development and testing processes are well performed thus providing apps with value to the end customer.

Here are some benefits for clients from the ideal Appcelerator Titanium Developer:

  • Third party API integration of different sites and elements

  • Testing of apps for bug free functioning on multiple platforms

  • Timely delivery of apps

  • Budget-friendly services and support

  • Post implementation and delivery training and support

  • Mobile app marketing apps for promotions

  • Intense source code security with non-disclosure agreement

Appcelerator Titanium developers are known to be extremely skilled and precise in their working. Some of the services provided by these developers include:

  • Optimum User interface development

  • Custom application development

  • Rich cloud-supported apps

  • Advanced app testing and QA

  • App postings on mobile app stores and marketing sites

  • Titanium app consulting services

  • Implementation and integration with third party apps

These developers are nowadays supporting HTML5 to be the new standard for creating apps for web design and development. According to a survey conducted in early 2012, Appcelerator and IDC combinedly reviewed 2,000+ mobile developers which support Appcelerator Titanium for cross platform mobile app development.

The report revealed that HTML5 was extremely important for developers with 78% of the respondents planning to implement it in their apps. Most are planning to use HTML5 in hybrid conditions (72%) while some of them even opted for pure HTML5 applications (6%).

It is difficult for developers to ascertain Facebook’s social graph since only 61% of the developers believed that Facebook will play a major role for implementing social strategies. Google was touted to be the next pioneer of the social strategy with most developers considering Google+ to compete with Facebook with integration with different products and services.

Many respondents believed that they should accelerate mobile development efforts and nearly 89% of the Titanium developers expressed interest in creating iOS-based apps for iPhone and 88% expressed interest in creating apps for iPad. 78.6% developers also expressed strong interest in creating apps for Android. Interest in Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry is moderate compared to their modest sales.

Appcelerator developers were also interested in cloud services for mobile applications on the basis of location, notifications, ratings, photos and places.

Though the survey results recorded opinions of Appcelerator Titanium developers and not all mobile app developers, they still are good enough to understand the current trends in the industry. Titanium is in the 4th position while PhoneGap is the most preferred tool for cross platform development according to a report by VisionMobile.

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