Offshore outsourcing services: The Trends for 2012 and Beyond

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Published: 29th August 2012
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Software outsourcing has become a lasting trend in the IT industry from some years now. With 2012, the trends have changed a bit and the mobile world is buzzing with activity now.

The most resourceful software development companies have always known to have a huge network of specialists in the domain or technology which is in vogue. Keeping their demands and strategy tightly aligned to the latest trends, these companies make hay where the sun shines. Even the look and feel is give due consideration by these companies.

Clients, who are based in western countries, always expect to have seamless navigation features in all the applications under development. They expect the features to be similar to big-shot sites. The home page and the back-links are important for SEO purposes. Along with offshore software development, SEO is much in demand because it is very important for westerners to get their sites noticed. Additionally, it is also important for people in US and UK, to converse in English and hence require offshore countries to have neutral accents. Indians are winners in this regard, since an overwhelming majority of people who are good in English manage to have neutral accents. Ideas can be efficiently communicated ensuring best results.

The software development process requires the offshore team to work in tandem with the company's software engineering team. The western companies always benefit with ideas, ability and expertise while also saving on huge expenditure. This strategy works best during business upheavals which a number of software companies have been facing in the five years.

Custom software development services with the help of offshore centers being a rage is expected to give way to mobile app development keeping in consideration the traditional concepts of the IT industry. The IT world is fast changing lanes with regards to inventions which are being churned out at a frantic pace. Mobile app development based on different domains have resulted in savings of millions of dollars, and expected to do better. Offshore software consulting services has been very lucrative too with a large number of benefits.

US companies have burnt their fingers more than once opting for software outsourcing, but the low costs and immense talent pool in the east prove to be a worthy incentive to pursue options.

Software outsourcing services will continue to play an important role in 2012 and beyond. Companies are facing multiple problems and most offshore centers fail to capitalize on their manpower and expertise since they do not promote themselves very well. The scenario is the same for mobile app development companies who have a small success ration because the bad economy has forced them to encourage cheap services in the IT field. Custom software cannot be ignored since it is the only way to counter the rising prices. It has been proved time and again that India, China, and Philippines have been extremely helpful in cutting down costs of major projects and also instrumental in the profitability of many western markets since most of them save at least 50% of their costs through outsourcing.

The offshore-onsite engagement model drives a western client company to have an offshore software team which can partner a company's offshore engineering team. Software product development companies find it easy to work with talented engineers based in India because of their rich ideas, ability and expertise which helps them reduce costs. The future is expected to witness more software outsourcing too.

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