Market Trends which are Important for the Average .NET Developer

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Published: 20th September 2012
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The job market and the demand for the IT industry are well balanced as of now but some statistics suggest that not all things are rosy after all!

Many companies start out building websites for promotional activities and even offer online market places along with custom platforms for live retail. E-commerce hiring is seriously underway as search for .NET developers is on. There were as many as 25,000 job ads available for software professionals proficient with e-commerce and experienced in the US. The figures suggest that the demand has hiked a lot.

E-commerce skills are usually preferred by many companies who are of technical background too. IT professionals are always needed to implement e-commerce platforms. Marketers are important to direct web traffic to relevant sites and analysts are hired as consultants who consult a company regarding the process. Although Java developers are in huge demand, .NET developers are also preferred in many places.

.Net developers are required to have different skills while they opt for e-commerce jobs. These jobs are technical in nature and hence most of the skills are programming related. The .NET developer is expected to understand and know about the complete System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Application management, Microsoft PowerPoint, Oracle Java and sometimes, Business development.

The demand for development skills is high enough while there is particularly limited supply of potential candidates for the jobs. According to the Hiring Scale™ statistics, recruiters find some jobs extremely difficult to fill. An average of 6 weeks is spent on advertising jobs and on sourcing candidates for filling up the positions. Some places are facing the most challenging overall recruiting conditions. Employers are now vying for the best candidates while not many developers are as skilled while entering the workforce. In Boulder and Albany especially, the job posting period is a whopping 8 weeks since it takes an additional 2 weeks more for filling up jobs than the US average.

Here is an interesting fact: The Silicon Valley is not the hardest place for recruiting .NET developers.

The Silicon Valley does not have much problem in filling up its programmers. New York boasts of the most number of web developer job ads compared to any city in the US. Some cities are currently experiencing extremely difficult job market conditions and long average job posting periods.

Some web developers are in more demand than their counterparts who are good in some other technology. Searching for web developers would not reveal much insight into the most commonly used titles. One should search for developers by stating their technology too. For example, Java Developer, .NET Developer and SharePoint Developer are referring to niche developers but the results are quick and accurate.

According to some stats, there are alternative locations where getting a job of a .NET developer is the easiest to recruit. The best towns for employment are Hagerstown, Maryland, and Salem, Oregon.

In these areas, Employers are hiring few people and hence there is less competition. Recruiters do not take much time up for sourcing potential candidates here. Job ads in these locations stay online for not more than 22 days. Other cities should target their ads in these cities to hire good talent which would also help them to fill jobs faster once the developers are willing to relocate.

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